Chocolate Mousse for the Dinner Party Soul

We move from comforting desserts like pie and baked pastries in the winter months to something lighter in spring -- I for one am not ready and willing to give up chocolate during anytime of the year, so equinoctial recipes are in order. 

I love dinner parties. I fantasize about backyard functions with jungalow vibes and abundant tables, where glasses clink and ceramic platters connect strangers now friends as both reach for a serving spoon. At the end of the meal, I want to proudly carry a tray of chocolate mousse.

Super Simple Chocolate Mousse
Serves 8

180g local honey (clover is a neutral flavor against the chocolate)
8 egg yolks
140g chopped chocolate (roughly 5oz)
500 ml + 120 ml heavy whipping cream (can substitute with coconut cream)
topping of your choice

Whip together honey and egg yolks over a double boiler on medium heat. When doubled in size, add - while whisking - the chopped #specialtychocolate (I used Ecuador 74%). Lower the temperature of the stove to low and melt the chocolate (avoiding scorching it) and add 120 ml/ 8 tbsp cream, incorporating until smooth. (Reserve an additional 500 ml/ 2 cups cream to make the whipped cream topping)

Pull from heat, cover, and make the whipped cream with the remaining cream. After you've formed medium peaks, and fold in half of final whipped cream to the chocolate mixture until homogenous. Spilt and pour in to eight ramekins or your favorite tea cups (reserve the other half of whip in fridge). Refrigerate for 3-3.5 hours to set. When ready to serve, place dollops of remaining whipped cream on mousse, then top with #cocoanibs or chopped seasonal fruit or #cookiecrumbs.

craft chocolate mousse.jpg
Lauren WKND