Cocoa Nib Rum Cocktail

There's something so essential, so intrinsically natural about the desires that surface during the languid late evening summer hours; for me it's usually the wish to be outdoors after the cement sidewalks have cooled slightly but the golden hue of the sunset still stands back in the distance, and the ability to climb to the highest lookout points - patios, rooftops, mountains - and share the views and moments of gratitude with new and old friends. 

This cocktail is the perfect accoutrement to those evenings. It's refreshingly chocolate-y and sweetened with local honey for an homage to the hardest workers that find their highest purpose - like us - when the flowers bloom their fullest and the lavender bushes spill out onto the roads. 


Nib Rum Honeyed Cocktail

  • one shot 1.5oz dark rum* infused with WKND Chocolate nibs
  •  1 tbsp local honey
  •  1 oz plain kombucha
  • dark cherries
  • 3-4 drops Angostura or Xocolatl Mole bitters 
  • WKND Chocolate nib powder - or use a spice grinder to grind roughly 2 tsp. roasted nibs

Above recipe makes 1 cocktail; multiply as needed. Prepare glass by dipping rim in nib powder (as you would a margarita with salt) - mix pre-infused rum, honey and kombucha in a shaker with 3-4 ice cubes - strain into glass, drop in cherries, finish with bitters 

*Cocoa nib infused rum recipe:  Start with a high quality dark rum, for each cup of rum add 1/4 cup of roasted cocoa nibs in a separate bottle (that has a seal to close to ensure freshness). Leave this mixture to infuse between 4-6 weeks until you are satisfied with the smell & taste. Expect a fudge-like scent, although not an entirely overwhelming chocolate taste -- less strong than you might expect from an actual chocolate liqueur.