Episode 17: Arcelia Gallardo Founder of Mission Chocolate

Description: Arcelia has had a profound impact on the communities around her - always taking into consideration the needs of the people and being infinitely generous with her knowledge, contacts, and resources. For her, the realization that chocolate was born in Mexico, her parent's birthplace, propelled her into learning the history of chocolate and becoming immersed in the world of cacao. She's studied as a chocolatier (under the likes of Shawn Williams of Feve Artisan), opened a successful Latin-foods inspired chocolate shop in Northern California, and trained in 'bean to bar' chocolate making under the direction of Dandelion Chocolate in San Francisco, which firmly launched her into a career promoting craft chocolate. Now in her new home of São Paulo, Brazil, she's since initiated the Association of Brazilian Chocolate Makers / Bean to Bar Brasil (Associação do Chocolate do Cacau à Barra), and gathered numerous international figures and chocolate makers to catalyst her adopted country's cacao scene into the future.

Update 2019: she is now president of the Associação Bean to Bar Brasil, Co-Chair of the Good Food Awards (Chocolate) in San Francisco, California, and judge for the NorthWest Chocolate Festival Awards in Seattle, Washington. She has her eyes set on opening a cafe and factory in California this fall.

Photo: Felipe Rau // Estadão

Photo: Felipe Rau // Estadão

Themes discussed in this episode: 
- How researching the origins of drinking chocolate launched a career in the industry
- Getting into bean-to-bar from chocolatier'ing
- Accessibility, pros and cons, as well as learnings from making chocolate at origin (cocoa bean sourcing, relationships, equipment, chocolate packaging)
- Brazilian Biomes project, homage to seldom known about ingredients that will complement cacao
- The organic fast-paced growth of bean to bar interest in Brazil; some 40 new makers in last two years & and their community efforts to consolidate events, awards, and camaraderie of the movement
- Her work teaching indigenous women to make chocolate, such as the Zapotec women in Oaxaca, Maya women in Guatemala and Belize, and Ngäbe women in Panama

Links related to episode:
Arcelia will speak at the NW Chocolate Festival 'Game of Biomes: Chocolate with wild fruits and nuts of Brazil' workshop' Saturday November 11th 1-2:00PM
Bean to Bar Association of Brazil (in Portuguese: Associação do Chocolate do Cacau à Barra)
AMMA Chocolates in Bahia 
Casa de Chocolates in Berkeley, California -- Arcelia was a founding partner of the shop

What chocolates Arcelia would take to the Cosmos: 
- Patric Madagascar 67% Dark Chocolate (available for order via Chocolopolis)
- Dark chocolate covered brazil nuts
- Her Mission Chocolate Candied Cupuaçu Dark Chocolate Bar

Where to find Mission Chocolate
In the US:

New York -- Roni-Sue's in LES and The Meadow West Village location (which carries the cupuaca bar) 
California -- Chocolate Covered San Francisco 
In Mexico: Mucho Museo del Chocolate
In Brazil: Sweet Shop  

#WomenInChocolate Brazil
Baiani Chocolates (listen to Juliana in Well Tempered Episode 16)
Chocolat du Jour; by Claudia using Vale do Juliana cocoa beans
Chocolatras Online; Zelia is the premier cacao/craft chocolate blogger in the country
Dona Nena; sells her tree to bar rustic chocolate to D.O.M, Alex Atala's groundbreaking Brazilian ingredient focused restaurant
Gallette Chocolates 
Luisa Abram Chocolates
Nugali Chocolates (winners of 2017 International Chocolate Awards, Bronze for Dark chocolate (63% cocoa) w/ Cupuaçu Brittle)
Raros Fazedores de Chocolate Brasil; utilizes unique Amazonian spices and origins

More from Arcelia: 
Mission Chocolate website
Arcelia Gallardo // Mission Chocolate Instagram
Contact her directly regarding bean to bar classes in Brazil, questions surrounding the Association of Bean to Bar Chocolate Makers in Brazil.

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