Episode 7: Mackenzie Rivers Founder & Chocolate Maker at Map Chocolate

Description: On this 7th episode of Well Tempered, a chocolate-covered podcast, featuring the smart, crafty, and creative women in the industry, Lauren interviews Mackenzie Rivers, solo-preneur, head chocolate maker/recipe developer, wholesale account manager - you name it - of Map Chocolate in Oregon. From working on a personal project with David Packard (of Hewlett-Packard) to Grand Canyon tour guide, she is a tour de force and inspiration for the craft chocolate industry and women everywhere. 

Update Summer 2019: Mackenzie is opening a chocolatory and craft chocolate classroom workshop at 349 Main St Springfield, Oregon.

 Themes discussed in this episode:

  • Mackenzie's interest and body of work within writing, making, & the natural world

  • How more makers in the industry will drive a more robust sector

  • The importance of listening to your (maker's) intuition and your customers

  • The 70% Craft Chocolate Playbook

  • Her vision for the future of Map Chocolate (social projects, growth)

  • How cacao holds the world together

Related links from episode: 
- :Elkhorn Slough, CA native grass restoration propagation project 
- Common Ground Farm, now called Create Common Ground; Mackenzie was a founding team member as Head Farmer
Life's Kitchen, Boise, ID (she coordinated a school lunch program for Riverstone International School with them)
Wampusirpi Honduran cocoa beans at Chocolate Alchemy
- Flavors of Cacao; chocolate industry content and reviews
Rottar Chocolate Machines made by Sam Ratto, Videri Chocolate in Raleigh, North Carolina

My reason for making chocolate has never been about yield...it's about reach..." - Mackenzie Rivers, Map Chocolate Founder

Women in Chocolate mentioned in this episode (whom also have International Chocolate Awards)
Denise Castronovo - Castronovo Chocolate in Stuart, FL
Christine Blais - Palette de Bine in Mont-Tremblant, Quebec, Canada
Yoon Kim - Smooth Chocolator in Geelong, Australia 

Enthusiastic Craft Chocolate Cheerleaders (mentioned in this show)
37Chocolates Estelle Tracy (she's featured on Well Tempered Episode 2)
Sophia Rea of Projet Chocolat (from the Well Tempered podcast Episode 5!)

Mackenzie's 'to the Cosmos' picks: 
Cacao Fiji cocoa beans*
Love Shack - 74% Vietnam Tien Giang with sugared lemon and pink shortbread
John Nanci (and Sandy) Founder of Chocolate Alchemy, Chocolate Maker, Coffee Roaster, Inventor, Chemist, Chocolate Making Consultant/Expert

*Addendum 'Beans to take to the Cosmos': The other night the beans filled my dreams. Fiji, dancing on a beautiful beach, Honduras pleading its case, humbly and quietly. A Peru from Tumbes waving a tiny flag as a reminder: that Dear Mr. Finley bar! the first bean I truly listened to. Belize hovering always on the periphery, and a congo line (what was in that bedtime tea??) of beans I've yet to know. I kept saying which? which?  And when I awoke my answer came through loud and clear: I'd take the beans that are calling my name.

Where to find Mackenzie/Map: 
Website http://mapchocolate.com
Instagram @MapChocolate
Twitter @MapChocolate

Photo credit: Mackenzie Rivers, Map Chocolate

Photo credit: Mackenzie Rivers, Map Chocolate

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