Episode 12: Hazel Lee Creator of the Taste With Colour® Chocolate Tasting Map

Maker, International Chocolate Judge, Educator, Creative & Social Media Connoisseur. There almost weren't enough words for this gal! You'll soon come to discover her absolute admiration and reverence for cacao and fine chocolate through this #womeninchocolate podcast episode. Hazel currently is a food product development specialist and dabbles in a whole slew of other awesome chocolate jobs, including having been a social media manger for the NW Chocolate Festival (November 11-12, 2017) and current industry consultant. Have a listen and catch the 'cacao love' bug! 

Photo credit: Hazel Lee

Photo credit: Hazel Lee

There was chocolate in the air...that’s when I truly fell in love with cacao.” - Hazel Lee

Themes discussed in this episode:

  • How Hazel lives a chocolate lifestyle

  • Travel, volunteering, immersing oneself in and at cacao origins

  • The importance of craft chocolate education for consumers --> bridging the gap between Lindt and fine chocolate

  • Utilizing social media to build your tribe and make lasting connections

  • Making bean to bar chocolate at home

  • Hazel speaks for the first time on record about her Taste With Colour®: The Chocolate Tasting Flavour Map

Links from this podcast: 
Hazel's first taste of fine chocolate via Hotel Chocolat 
La Iguana Chocolate in Jaco, Costa Rica  
Chocolate Alchemy; comprehensive resource for chocolate making and supplies
Duffy's Nicaliso Nicaraguan cacao chocolate bar
Damson Chocolate by Dom Ramsey, a chocolate peer of Hazel's and book author, blogger, chocolate maker
Willie's Cacao; persuaded Hazel to get the ubiquitous tabletop grinders that many chocolate makers use today
HB Ingredients; in the UK for cocoa bean supply
Tanzanian cocoa from Kokoa Kamili 
Soklet Chocolate in India by Karthi & Harish
The Slow Melt podcast, 'Episode 7: The Craft of Chocolate'
Hazel's recipe for Kuna Indian hot chocolate 
---> Raaka Chocolate also wrote a post about this custom and the Kuna people

What 3 "chocolates" Hazel would take to the Cosmos: 
(A maker) Yoon Kim, The Smooth Chocolator
(a filled chocolate) Triple Truffle by Jamie of JK Fine Chocolates
(a thing) Fresh cacao! 

Where to find more from Hazel: 
Her personal website & shop for 'Taste with Colour'
Instagram @hazel_choc
Twitter: @hazel_choc

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