Episode 12: Hazel Lee Creator of the Taste With Colour® Chocolate Tasting Map

Maker, International Chocolate Judge, Educator, Creative & Social Media Connoisseur; Hazel is always discovering a new fascination or interacting in a distinct way within the world of cacao. She currently is a food product development specialist and dabbles in a whole slew of other awesome chocolate jobs, including having been a social media manger for the NW Chocolate Festival (November 11-12, 2017) and current industry consultant. Have a listen and catch the 'cacao love' bug! 

Update September 2019: When this podcast was recorded, Taste With Colour® was just coming into being. Two years since that date, the flavour map has been translated into various languages and Hazel continues to give lectures and workshops utilizing her method.

Photo credit: Hazel Lee

Photo credit: Hazel Lee

There was chocolate in the air...that’s when I truly fell in love with cacao.” - Hazel Lee

Themes discussed in this episode:

  • How Hazel lives a chocolate lifestyle

  • Travel, volunteering, immersing oneself in and at cacao origins

  • The importance of craft chocolate education for consumers --> bridging the gap between Lindt and fine chocolate

  • Utilizing social media to build your tribe and make lasting connections

  • Making bean to bar chocolate at home

  • Hazel speaks for the first time on record about her Taste With Colour®: The Chocolate Tasting Flavour Map

Links from this podcast: 
Hazel's first taste of fine chocolate via Hotel Chocolat 
La Iguana Chocolate in Jaco, Costa Rica  
Chocolate Alchemy; comprehensive resource for chocolate making and supplies
Duffy's Nicaliso Nicaraguan cacao chocolate bar
Damson Chocolate by Dom Ramsey, a chocolate peer of Hazel's and book author, blogger, chocolate maker
Willie's Cacao; persuaded Hazel to get the ubiquitous tabletop grinders that many chocolate makers use today
HB Ingredients; in the UK for cocoa bean supply
Tanzanian cocoa from Kokoa Kamili 
Soklet Chocolate in India by Karthi & Harish
The Slow Melt podcast, 'Episode 7: The Craft of Chocolate'
Hazel's recipe for Kuna Indian hot chocolate 
---> Raaka Chocolate also wrote a post about this custom and the Kuna people

What 3 "chocolates" Hazel would take to the Cosmos: 
(A maker) Yoon Kim, The Smooth Chocolator
(a filled chocolate) Triple Truffle by Jamie of JK Fine Chocolates
(a thing) Fresh cacao! 

Where to find more from Hazel: 
Her personal website & shop for 'Taste with Colour'
Instagram @hazel_choc
Twitter: @hazel_choc

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