Episode 8: Sarah Hartman Co-Founder of Harper Macaw

Episode description: Sarah Hartman is Chief Chocolate Maker and co-owner at Harper Macaw in Washington, DC. Alongside her husband Colin, she co-founded this ambitious company on the premise of utilizing Brazilian cacao (from her homeland), whilst increasing awareness of and supporting on-the-ground efforts to conserve Atlantic rainforests. With nearly a decade of experience in the specialty chocolate industry - working at Dandelion Chocolate and studying under Ecole Chocolat programs - she has thrown herself into crafting deliciously accessible for the palate chocolates, employing and running a chocolate factory, as well as growing her own family.  

Sarah hard at work at the Harper Macaw chocolate factory. Photo credit: Harper Macaw

Sarah hard at work at the Harper Macaw chocolate factory. Photo credit: Harper Macaw

Topics and where to find:
14:56 her thoughts on CCN-51, cacao hybrid
17:40 the Sarah Hartman 'Cork Board Method'
20:01 being relevant year after year
23:19 "going big or going home"
26:29 working with your spouse or partner
28:45 what traits are imperative for chocolate makers/chocolatiers
33:47 use vehicles of communication (social, packaging, storytelling)
38:18 mom chat - having a business & a baby

Links & facts from this Well Tempered episode: 
M. Libânio  -- cacao & agriculture sourcing in Brazil
Bahia & Amazon: Agroforestry and cabruca - two different systems/types of farming implemented within their farms. Sarah mentions that "agroforestry is 3x more affective in aiding biodiversity" -- here is an article highlighting that potential. 
Witches Broom fungus in Brazil, and how the country has rebounded, as well as how projects like Harper Macaw can reward local economies to continuing in the cacao trade

Choosing certifications for chocolate: As with much in the third wave chocolate world, there is no protocol for brand or product development. For example USDA organic certification against Rain Forest Alliance; she suggests talking to everyone else in the industry who is using some form of certification to learn more.  

"...Take a step back. What's your mission, what's your strategy, what are your plans to achieve them?"  - Sarah Hartman

Sarah's 'what would you take to the Cosmos' chocolates:
Original beans Piura Porcelana
52% Harper Macaw Milk Blend
Dick Taylor Limited Release 78% Vietnam Tien Giang 

Photo credit: Harper Macaw

Photo credit: Harper Macaw

Learn more about Harper Macaw: https://harpermacaw.com/our-story/
Instagram: @HarperMacaw @VoteChocolate
Twitter: @HarperMacaw
Facebook: @HaperMacaw

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