Episode 29: Deanna Dick of Dick Taylor Craft Chocolate

Description: Deanna Dick is a licensed midwife, mom to three, and founding family member of Dick Taylor Craft Chocolate in Eureka, California. Partners in life and business, Deanna is chief confidant and strategic consultant to husband Adam Dick (1/2 of the founding duo of DT), as well as head of hiring and employee happiness. For almost a decade Dick Taylor Chocolate has pushed the craft boundaries, hacking vintage machines to custom outfit their ever-growing chocolate factory and serve ever-loyal and new customers on the California coast and beyond. As part of the ‘Class of 2010’ the company has strived to create a framework for craft chocolate utilizing their woodworking past as motivation for intuitively turning raw materials into masterpieces.

For sensitive ears, this episode touches on themes of anatomy, biological events, and Mary J.

Midwife and chocolate mom Deanna. Photo credit: Deanna Dick

Midwife and chocolate mom Deanna. Photo credit: Deanna Dick

Themes discussed in the show:

  • Chocolate and women; pregnancy and breastfeeding and cacao and dark chocolate being a part of your diet

  • Minimizing preeclampsia (reducing blood pressure), stabilizing blood sugar levels and evading cortisol spikes

  • Deanna’s ever-changing roles within Dick Taylor, and juggling part-time work and full-time family alongside chocolate brand and factory growth

  • How a video from Mast Brothers catapulted Adam and Dustin from carpenter life to chocolate

  • The craft and sense of woodworking and chocolate making collide to form a business in the Redwoods, along the coast of California

  • The ongoing question of “who will buy this?” and pushing forward

  • Arriving at the caliber of chocolate they wanted to build the business upon and tweaking machinery to get that final outcome

  • Unique geography and past and present industries of Humboldt County, CA

  • The launch of a retail store after years of wholesale attention and investment

  • Focus on marketing, strategic thinking of how and when to announce product, how to get people through the door — seeing the strength in local support

  • Introducing farmer partners to new confidence after Big Industry has torn that down

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Limtied Release. Photo credit Dick Taylor Craft Chocolate

Limtied Release. Photo credit Dick Taylor Craft Chocolate

3 chocolates Deanna would take to the Cosmos:
Zokoko in Australia Chale Milk 45%
Gianduia (any, it’s her chocolate weakness); Hogarth Chocolate is a favorite of hers
Dick Taylor limited edition Bolivia, Alto Beni; 2016 Good Food Award Winner

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