Episode 18: Reverend Dr. RM Peluso Author & Chocolate and Whiskey Advocate

Description: From touring rock singer to speech-language pathologist, to ordained minister, and the many lives thereafter, Rev. Dr. RM Peluso has made a career of combining her passions, mindfully. She cut her chops over a decade ago as a fine chocolate reviewer for the C-Spot, and from there went on to incorporate both a chocolate and meditation practice to her congregations hinging on new school tactics (she says after all, "...there's nothing more New World than chocolate..,"). She is most recently the author of the Deep Tasting Guide™ series; she lives in New York City with her husband and pooch (which you will hear a couple of times in the episode). Whiskey has captivated her attention as of late and in the latest book - that we discuss in detail in the show - she follows the grain trail to gloriously complement her tried and true chocolate journey. 

Photo credit: RM Peluso

Photo credit: RM Peluso

Themes discussed in this episode: 

  • Combining chocolate and meditation & bringing chocolate to a spiritual community

  • Methodology for pairings using flavor profiles; why is it a good pairing?

  • Where does whiskey's flavor come from?; material of stills, yeasts, wood, etc. ~70% of flavor is maturation

  • How aging reflects final price to consumer

  • Hype; what validates a great bottle or wonderful chocolate?

  • Deceptive packaging and the other way around

  • Pilgrimages to chocolate & whiskey towns

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Dr. Peluso's Links:

Website: Chocolate Tasting Meditation™ / CTM™ (http://www.ctm-chocolate-tasting-meditation.com/)

Books: Deep Tasting: A Chocolate Lover's Guide to Meditation


Deep Tasting: Chocolate & Whiskey
- Special offer from the author; signed limited edition with color pages not available through online retailers. Email revrmpeluso@gmail.com to arrange; same retail price as the commercial edition plus at-cost shipping charges via choice of delivery options.