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We set out to honor the ancient cacao tree through exciting and avant-garde approaches to chocolate.

Mainly, we want to have fun.


Made in barcelona


the big little city by the sea

You’re here because you’re a bon vivant. Maybe you’re a part of the post-industrial-chocolate generation, or want to be. You’re in the right place.


Ethically sourced cacao. Cross our hearts and hope to die (of a chocolate overdose).





We make chocolate, we MAKE chocolate. Let that sink in. We start from the cacao bean as opposed to melting other people’s chocolate. It’s a multistep process that takes days, and will likely bore you…but we can recommend technical books, or can give you a factory tour!

On that note, consider all of the times you’ve asked where your chocolate came from — we’re not talking origins, anyone can slap a country name on a bar. We mean, was it a February or September harvest? Who fermented the fruit and processed it for export? Who created this last batch? We have those answers, and we believe in total transparency.

How we work 


With the help of professional cacao hunters we travel to or source from incredibly fertile (and mosquito ridden) landscapes; raw ingredients that are deemed by us divine, and we pay above ‘comercio justo’ pricing, i.e. a price that is above ~98% of what the world market pays.

When the cocoa beans (cacao) arrive to our chocolate manufactory, we look for pairings that will highlight their inherent flavors and characteristics; think of how you match your favorite natural wine with a Catalonian cheese.

We get to work developing roasting profiles (like specialty coffee!), or dreaming up our favorite white chocolate combinations with spices like turmeric or cardamom, and run various tests until we find a recipe that is unique, pleasurable, and honest.

No palm oil or soy fillers here. We want to celebrate the bounty of what can grow in a biodiverse, chemical free setting.

We work small, but with conviction. We don’t produce large quantities, but we certainly revel in the ephemeral nature of good food.

We make it look pretty so that your chocolate is ready as a hostess gift for your next dinner party, best friend’s birthday, or - let’s be real - treating yourself. We’re big fans of #selfcare.

Frankly, just enjoy your WKND.

Founder’s message


Lauren heineck


lifelong chocolate fan, sorceress, roaster & chocolate maker at wknd


loves podcasts, soursop, swimming, afternoon light, and of course Chocolate Chip Cookies & brownies

I remember my first taste of specialty chocolate — its predominant flavor note wasn’t chocolate, but green bananas (and bananas were not on the ingredients’ list). Very few people were talking about fine chocolate as if it were similar to wine in complexity, or that it was much more diverse than a set of percentages and arbitrary borders. Turns out it is. I was moved to investigate further, taste more, listen and interview experts. My world, and purpose were never the same again.

I’ve always struggled to tell a lie. I’m confident that now and in our future, we need more open and honest lines of communication between food producers and eaters. This is why I WKND.

Making delicious (healthful) from-scratch chocolates for chocolate lovers of all ages, with a transparent twist. It’s not the easy way, but it’s a path via the chocolate revolution that I’d like to share with you and your loved ones for years and ‘meriendas’ to come.