Strawberry Bar

Strawberry Bar


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Name: The World Through Strawberry Colored Glasses
Date/Time: Saturday 5:57 PM
Song: Somebody to Love by Jefferson Airplane
Beverage/food stuff:  lime fruit spritzer

Picture yourself on the veranda of an Italian villa, flanked by seasonal produce from the cittadina market, red and yellow tomatoes nestled in Umbrian pottery bowls, and the juiciest fresh fruit for dessert. Bright presentations, sublime ingredients, and sweet dreams of summer nights.  

Italian filmmaker Federico Fellini said "The visionary is the only realist." That ideology was the basis for this bar, re-create our most treasured memories through chocolate without calling them "chocolate" -- it contains no sugar, simply strawberries & cocoa butter, gently finished with slivers of toasted almonds dressed in Villa Manodori balsamic vinegar (by Chef Massimo Bottura). The fruit sings, tart on the tongue, smooth on the mouth. 

Ingredients: organic cocoa butter, strawberries, almonds, balsamic vinegar (hey, it's vegan!)

Allergen information: Made in a kitchen using shared equipment also processing ingredients with milk and nut(s).

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