75% Tanzanian Dark Chocolate w/ Sea Salt

75% Tanzanian Dark Chocolate w/ Sea Salt


Update: Available for May 10th deliveries

WKND details
Date/Time: Sunday 9:54PM
Song: The Flamingos - I Only Have Eyes For You
Beverage/food stuff: Raspberry rooibos iced tea

Pretzels. Fireworks on the lake. Coffee dates with your best friend. Like these things, this 75% dark chocolate makes us feel warm and fuzzy inside. With the tartness of dried cherries and roasted-toasty flavors shining through, it's paired with a scrumptious smoothness.

We can't promise sneaking bites of this in the movie theater won't induce tight hand squeezes, double-feature trysts, or another round of pretzels and beer.

Ingredients: Kokoa Kamili cocoa beans, organic cane sugar, Jacobsen's sea salt

Allergen information: Made in a kitchen using shared equipment processed with milk and nuts.

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