75% Camino Verde Dark Chocolate


75% Camino Verde Dark Chocolate

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Date/Time: Thursday 8:37AM
Song: Starman by David Bowie
Beverage/food stuff: Ristretto

There's something (or a few things rather) incredibly nostalgic about this origin; simply stated it's chocolatey, it's comforting on it's own or melted into your favorite drinking chocolate recipe. As chocolate makers, it's hard to take the credit for a final product when the raw ingredient is so splendid. However, WKND makes this unique and coveted Balao, Ecuador bar even more desirable and distinct with the addition of brown sugar to the recipe, which gives it a tinge of molasses -- think of it like a pair of your favorite boyfriend jeans, and who knows maybe you even sneak a few squares into your distressed front pockets for movie night. 

Ingredients: Camino Verde cocoa beans, organic brown sugar, organic cane sugar, Camino Verde cocoa butter

Allergen information: Made in a kitchen using shared equipment processed with milk and nuts.

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