Episode 21: Corinne Joachim-Sanon-Symietz Entrepreneur, Co-Founder & CEO of Les Chocolateries Askanya
Episode 20: Jael Rattigan Co-CEO & Co-Founder of French Broad Chocolates
Lauren WKND
Episode 19: Emily Stone CEO of Uncommon Cacao, Supply Chain Specialist, Entrepreneur, Activist
#WomenInChocolate 2017 Year in Review
Episode 18: Reverend Dr. RM Peluso of Deep Tasting Guide™ Series
Minisode with Emily Packer Koons of Cacao Review
Episode 17: Arcelia Gallardo Founder of Mission Chocolate & Worldwide Cacao Ambassador
Episode 16: Juliana Aquino of Vale Potumuju & Baianí Chocolates
Episode 15: Katie Gilmer Pon Coffee & Chocolate Specialist
Episode 14: Megan Giller Author of 'Bean-to-Bar Chocolate: America's Craft Chocolate Revolution'