Episode 13: Erin Andrews Founder and Owner of indi chocolate, Mother, Entrepreneur, Team Leader
Special Episode: Cheese & Chocolate Pairings with Vanessa Chang ACS CCP, Food Educator, Consultant, Writer
Lauren WKND
Minisode with Chloe Stemler of Marou Faiseurs de Chocolat
Episode 12: Hazel Lee Maker, International Chocolate Judge, Educator, Creative & Social Media Connoisseur
Lauren WKND
Episode 11: Pam Williams Founder of Ecole Chocolat
Minisode with Carol Morse of Acalli Chocolate
Episode 10: Pashmina Lalchandani Co-Founder of Bar & Cocoa
Episode 9: Jasmine Lukuku Brand Strategist, Chocolate Lover, Small Business Cheerleader
Lauren WKND
Episode 8: Sarah Hartman of Harper Macaw
Episode 7: Mackenzie Rivers Founder & Chocolate Maker at Map Chocolate, Jane of All Trades