Episode 9: Jasmine Lukuku Brand Strategist, Chocolate Lover, Small Business Cheerleader

So pleased to bring to you an interview and chat with Jasmine Lukuku, brand strategist, food blogger, and boutique design firm co-founder, based in Vancouver, Canada, who readily admits her healthy obsession with craft chocolate, especially through her work to help small food companies thrive aesthetically and strategically in a crowded marketplace. 

Themes discussed: 
- Creating a system for chocolate tasting utilizing visual design cues intertwined w/ organoleptic principles
- An elusive synthetic raspberry flavor note  
- Finding your voice through more than just writing
- Repel clients/customers you don't want
- Learn to create systems over content mills
- Importance and intention of Pinterest for small food brands; a visual search engine
- Ideology as a flavor; what appeals to a client from your brand values, while being both ethical & relatable
- Packaging -- where to gather inspiration outside of your own industry

Jasmine Lukuku via JasmineLukuku.com 

Jasmine Lukuku via JasmineLukuku.com 

Take a peek at the Chocolate Codex tasting system

Credit: Chocolate Codex

Credit: Chocolate Codex

Canadian Chocolate Makers mentioned in this Well Tempered episode:
East Van Roasters
Palette de Bine
Soma Chocolate Makers

Additional links from the episode:
Blavity - "a tech company for forward thinking Black millennials pushing the boundaries of culture and the status quo."
Rozsavolgyi - Hungarian bean to bar craft chocolate

Chocolate to the Cosmos - Jasmine would take with her:
Fortunato No. 4 from Marañón Chocolate (converted into chocolate via multiple makers)
Soma Old School Dark Bar
Snickers Bar

Where to learn from Jasmine:
Pinterest for Small Business - Jasmine's course for Pinterest mastery 
Craft Food Brand facebook group

Where to find Jasmine:
Personal website JasmineLukuku.com 
Design/Branding Agency RXVP
Blog TheBlenderist.com
on Instagram @JasmineLukuku
on Twitter @TheBlenderist
on Pinterest @TheBlenderist 

Chocolate-y Extras:
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