Episode 5: Sophia Rea of Projet Chocolat

Description: Episode 5 of the Well Tempered podcast - a show about the crafty, smart, and creative women in the chocolate industry - hosted by Lauren of WKND Chocolate features Sophia Rea of Projet Chocolat. Based in Nashville, TN. She is a chocolate sommelier, business owner, chocolate history buff & antiquities collector.  The aim of her company Projet Chocolat is to 'educate and elevate the culture and history of chocolate' through their line of services and fine chocolate accoutrements. 

Themes discussed in this episode:

  • Sophia's background that led her to represent chocolate as art
  • The essentialness of esthetics inside the fine chocolate market 
  • Europe's reference to chocolate throughout their cultural history
  • Finding your strengths and building your team around them
  • Drinking chocolate recipes 
  • Utilizing sensorial memories as gateways to further comprehension within chocolate tasting
Photo credit: Projet Chocolat

Photo credit: Projet Chocolat

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Sophia's team: 
Heather Baker - designer/artist
Angela Cay Hall - photographer
Sarah Mallory - seamstress
Erin Fraser - aromatics developer/perfumer
Bryce McCloud - box maker/print-meister

Where to find more from Sophia: 
- Projet Chocolat website and online shop
- She holds public craft chocolate tastings and is available for hire 
Instagram: @projet_chocolat
Facebook: @projetchocolat
Twitter: @projetchocolat
Pinterest: Projet Chocolat

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