Episode 10: Pashmina Lalchandani Co-Founder of Bar & Cocoa

Pashmina Lalchandani is a craft chocolate advocate, internet marketer, and co-founder of Bar & Cocoa (formerly Choco Rush), a fine chocolate subscription service mailed monthly to homes across the United States and Canada, as well as a bean to bar chocolate marketplace. 

Themes discussed in this episode: 
- Why she set out to create this chocolate business model
- Her outlook on the state of the craft chocolate scene now, and what manufacturing inventions will grow the industry
- Cacao strains for package labeling and chocolate transparency
- Appellations rather than terroir

Pashmina's 'To the Cosmos' Picks:
Potomac Chocolate - 85% Upala, Costa Rica from Finca La Amistad
Ritual Chocolate Balao, Ecuador 
Map Chocolate, 'Chop Wood, Carry Water'; 73% Madagascar with cardamom & honeycomb

Pashmina (on the left) in Costa Rica 

Pashmina (on the left) in Costa Rica 

Fact checking:
- Pizzaiolos & Naples' 'Vera Pizza' guild/program that authenticates pizza makers processes and product
- Rogue Chocolatier regarding starting his business after Scharffen Berger's acquisition 
Dandelion Chocolate's reference to Scharffen Berger's move East
Puna Chocolate makes bean to bar, bonbons, and other baked goods in both Chicago and at their cacao farm in Hilo, Hawaii. From one of the cofounders; "We are building our factory in Hilo, Hawaii in June (2017) so everything sold in Hawaii will be made in Hawaii, not just grown. We will continue to fill orders from mainland customers via the Chicago facility."
- On on the topic of cacao strains; the most recent efforts and varieties from Camino Verde in Duran, Ecuador are listed via Meridian Cacao website   

Where to find Pashmina and Bar & Cocoa (formerly Choco Rush when this interview took place) : 
Website: Bar & Cocoa
Shop products and chocolate: Bar & Cocoa
Twitter: Bar & Cocoa
Facebook: Bar & Cocoa
Instagram: Bar & Cocoa
Example: Tasting notes by Pashmina/Bar & Cocoa 

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